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Font »Glagolica Missal DPG«
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he Glagolitic unicode.\\ So nearly every Slavonic text can easily be converted to the "Glagolica Missal ... Glagolica Missal DPG« | Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: \\ Abecedarivm Palaeslovenicvm in... a_primjer_teksta.jpg?400 |Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: Abecedarivm Palaeslovenicvm in us
Font »Croatica«
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ing ascenders and descenders, so that the written text is easier to read. I also wanted to do these requ... for all other Glagolitic and (Old)Church Slavonic texts.\\ \\ The only current problem with this font ... |Click here for the translation of the Glagolitic text in the Cathedral of Zagreb]] \\ \\ \\ ==== Syst
Font »Arvatica fra Divković«
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_arvatica_fra_divkovic.jpg?}} \\ \\ \\ ===Example text on Croatian Cyrillic:=== \\ \\ {{:croatian_cyrillic.jpg?950|}} \\ \\ \\ ===An example of an old text, compared with the font »Arvatica fra Divković«:=
Font »Vinodolski Zakon«
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but you can insert all ligatures manually in the text. \\ \\ | {{:vinodolski7.jpg?400|}} | {{:v... ate the difficulties with the transfer of a Latin text into Glagolitic. These new graphemes are also inc
Glagolica Examples
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VII//\\ \\ | \\ //Example of a glagolitic text, p.48//\\ \\ | | {{ :glagolica_hrvatski_ob... a_primjer_teksta.jpg?412 |Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: Vais, Ioseph; Abecedarivm Palaesl
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Glagolica Fonts & Co.
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fonts could in no way reproduce the grandeur of a text written in the Glagolitic script. \\ \\ \\ \\
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