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Font »Vinodolski Zakon« @en
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look up to the ancient writers how they used the Glagolitic script, formed it and finally transfered it into ... tions as opentype features to reproduce a correct glagolitic spelling. These automatic caused changings works ... e Unicode tables for Latin letters as well as for Glagolitic letters. The block for Unicode Latin is occupied with Glagolitic characters, to enable a direct conversion from La
Font »Croatica« @en
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from different regions and centuries of Croatian Glagolitic culture together. For this reason I have named th... .\\ \\ I believe I have provided almost all the Glagolitic letters that were used in the past, and some vari... ia, I created some myself); additionally also the Glagolitic numbers and all important punctuation marks and o... emprary Croatian language, but also for all other Glagolitic and (Old)Church Slavonic texts.\\ \\ The only c
Links @en
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net/glagoljica/dpg.html|Society of friends of the glagolitic script]]\\ [[|Croatian Glagolitic Script]]\\ [[ Church Slavonic Institute]]\\ \\ [[wp>Glagolica|Glagolitic script on Wikipedia]]\\ \\ [[http://www.croatia.... ancic-Matejic-from-Germany-created-a-new-Croatian-Glagolitic-font.html|Article in CROWN about the font Croatic
Handwritings @en
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st Šenoa - Preface of "Peasants' revolt", cursive glagolitic handwriting, book style}} \\ {{:a.senoa_seljack... st Šenoa - Preface of "Peasants' revolt", cursive glagolitic handwriting, chancery style}} \\ {{:a.senoa_sel... , The White Deer, The Song of Goldilocks, cursive glagolitic handwriting, chancery style}} \\ {{:glagoljica_
Font »Glagolica Missal DPG« @en
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rlined with the Latin,\\ the Cyrillic as well the Glagolitic unicode.\\ So nearly every Slavonic text can easi... e font \\ »Glagolica Missal DPG« | Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: \\ Abecedarivm Palaeslovenic... {{:glagolica_primjer_teksta.jpg?400 |Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: Abecedarivm Palaeslovenicvm
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://|Croatian Glagolitic Script]]\\ [[ ancic-Matejic-from-Germany-created-a-new-Croatian-Glagolitic-font.html|Artikel in CROWN über den Font Croatica... /Nenad-Hancic-created-a-new-high-quality-Croatian-Glagolitic-font-for-Windows.html|Artikel in CROWN über den F
Linkovi @hr
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://|Croatian Glagolitic Script]]\\ [[ ancic-Matejic-from-Germany-created-a-new-Croatian-Glagolitic-font.html|Članak u CROWN-u o fontu Croatica]]\\ ... /Nenad-Hancic-created-a-new-high-quality-Croatian-Glagolitic-font-for-Windows.html|Članak u CROWN-u o fontu Gl
Glagolica Fonts & Co. @en
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olica ==== \\ I first came into contact with the Glagolitic script on a visit to the Cathedral of Zagreb in M... y reproduce the grandeur of a text written in the Glagolitic script. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ ==== Des
Kontakt/Impresum @hr
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40219 Duesseldorf\\ Deutschland / Germany\\ \\ \\ \\ ====Kontakt==== <form> action mail Thanks "Hvala za vaš upit"
Contact/Imprint @en
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uesselstr. 30\\ 40219 Duesseldorf\\ Germany\\ \\ \\ ====Contact==== <form> action mail Thanks "Thanks for your req
Font VeleBit @hidden
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nt color=blue size=+1>download-pakage for latin & glagolitic bilinguar keyboard-layout </html> ... t/lib/exe/fetch.php/}}|{{:file-zip-icon-6848.png?100|Do
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selstr. 30\\ 40219 Düsseldorf\\ Deutschland\\ \\ \\ ====Kontakt==== <form> action mail Thanks "Danke für Ihre Anfr
Glagolica Examples @en
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golica, p. VII//\\ \\ | \\ //Example of a glagolitic text, p.48//\\ \\ | | {{ :glagolica_hrvats... { :glagolica_primjer_teksta.jpg?412 |Example of a glagolitic text, from the book: Vais, Ioseph; Abecedarivm Pa
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