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Glagolica scripture at the cathedral of Zagreb (click for zoom)

I first came into contact with the Glagolitic script on a visit to the Cathedral of Zagreb in May 1990. It captured my attention and my enthusiasm for Glagolica has grown continually so that I finally had to learn it.

As I live in Germany I couldn't find out much at all about Glagolica until I got my first Internet access in 2000. At that point I was able to find some simple websites on Glagolica. My self-imposed objective to learn this script seemed very difficult with these sites. It took quite some time for me after this to take on the learning of the angular Glagolica.

Over time I collected more and more information on Glagolica on the Internet, and one day at the beginning of the year 2005 I came across the website of Prof. Darko Žubrinić "Small Introduction to Cursive Glagolica". It seemed to me I had been waiting for just such a website, and so I learned writing with cursive Glagolica as per the handwriting examples on this site.

the poem »Poleg jedne velke gore« (Next to a big mountain) by Pavica Hrazdira, written in cursive Glagolica-writing

After I had a good command of cursive Glagolica, I turned my attention to written examples. The website "Od librarije" (About the library) was very helpful to me. For the first time I could read connected sentences and gain an understanding of how the letters and ligatures were used.

By repeatedly exercising different writing styles from various contemporary documents I eventually developed my own inidividual handwriting style.

Over time that was not enough for me so I started so search for possibilities to use Glagolica on the PC - and I did find them.

But what I did find did not satisfy me as I was of the opinion that these hitherto existing fonts could in no way reproduce the grandeur of a text written in the Glagolitic script.

So I made up my mind to create a cursive Glagolica font myself. I consider it as my contribution that Glagolica will neither be forgotten nor disappear in our electronic age.

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